The Farmhouse is not only the hub of operations and management for The Farm at Stonehill, but also provides ample space where faculty can reflect, read, write, and work on scholarly research. It is for this reason that I am writing to tell you about the Farmhouse Writing Fellows program. As a Farmhouse Writing Fellow, you will have a place – other than a traditional office space – where you can take time to escape and reflect on your studies and research. As a Farmhouse Writing Fellow, you would have a desk of your own, a room that you will share with a colleague, and access to the Farmhouse from 8:00 am to 6:-00 pm on weekdays. All Farmhouse Writing Fellows are required to lead their own Farmhouse Conversation once during the semester. This discussion is open to all members of the Stonehill community to learn about what project the faculty member has been researching and working on. In addition, Writing Fellows are asked to contribute to a Farmhouse blog once during the semester.